Modern home yet cozy and warm.



Object description

Modern home yet cozy and warm. Some would always have this concern that modernity doesn’t give the past warmth we’d get at home, it’s a true concern that we took into a vast consideration in order to plan this project and execute it with persistent fine detail seeking for every enthusiast that seeks both comfort and integrity, not just a home that you can shape how you like and create your own best possible atmosphere. But also a place that you’d find almost everything you need within. A spacious unit to feel free in, breathe well and feel the comfort. A mixture of services around you between errand serving yet both outings and relaxing friendly points.


What value am I investing in? We’ve mentioned that we focus on every detail, but wouldn’t miss one of the biggest pictures which is the value of every unit like this one. It’s beyond a home to feel relaxed in. having a great return of investment by both a resale value and yet a rent opportunity to ensure you’re getting the maximum value out of your property. A vast opportunity with clear and consistent design for the maximum outcome that can be caught in the market. Home, how it should feel. Bringing up home surely includes a mutual understanding of security. If you’re home you’re safe and sound with all the security layers and other teams that has a uni-task which is working on the clock to maintain your safety. Offering a luxurious service beyond just a unit to buy. Giving yourself a break on the pool in the spacious terrace with restaurants around you and cafes beneath you is one way of treating yourself with the most reasonable and accommodating way La Prestigia promises you the ultimate comfort with an affordable luxury like lifestyle.


Located on Old Sheraton Street next to SunRise Holidays.

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