There are thousands of questions and answers about buying real estate in Hurghada as well selling, visas, health and much more. Of course, this also applies to Egypt. That’s why we’re trying to answer the most frequently asked questions here.

About Buying Real Estate in Egypt

This part contains the frequently asked questions and answers about buying Real Estate in Hurghada. So it’s about the green contract, the sales tax and many other things.

This is not a mandatory procedure. However, we strongly encourage you to do so as it gives you extended rights (e.g. in the event of a lawsuit).

Registering a property in your name is an official endorsement made by state officials. This procedure also takes much longer because the state ensures that the property is legally registered and cannot be contested. In addition, he (the state) checks the property afterwards for possible errors or discrepancies

As in most parts of the world, legal advice is advisable in Egypt.

If you wish, our legal department can assist you for a fee. They check and proof that everything is correct and that all documents are in order before buying or selling. They then follows the whole process and keeps you informed and updated.

Before we offer anything for sale (also for resale), our legal department checks that everything is correct and accurate. If something turns out to be wrong, we do not offer this property at all.

Yes, when you buy an apartment you can specify all this in the contract. A person or company can hold one or more shares. In addition, the proportions can also be different in size.

Yes, transferring or sending money to or from Egypt is possible in any amount and lot of currencies and it works very quickly. In 2020, cash payments for amounts of this magnitude have become more or less redundant due to the modernized banking system.

Our real estate services for buyers are usually free of charge and we do not work with commission fees nor you have to pay anything extra.

About Selling Real Estate in Egypt

This part contains the frequently asked questions and answers about selling Real Estate in Hurghada. So it’s about who can sell and under what conditions.

This depends on many factors and is difficult to answer. Cheap properties can usually be sold faster than expensive ones. Holiday periods also have an impact on sales success, as do a variety of other factors. In other words: We cannot answer this question.

We always arrange this individually, because the different properties require different requirements and expenses. This also results in different expenses, which of course have a direct influence on the commission fee.

Yes, 2.5% sales tax on the sales price is payable to the tax office. If you wish, we can take care of the processing and handling for you for a small fee.

Living, Visa, Health and much more in Hurghada (Egypt)

For many of our subscribers, practical questions arise again and again in real life after buying Real estate in Hurghada that they forgot to research before or after emigrating. And very often these important questions have nothing to do with real estate, but rather, for example, insurance, registering a car, where to get health insurance or what to do in the event of death.

We’ll try to answer this fully here. And if you can’t find something, please ask your questions here. Then other people can also benefit from it.

And what we don’t know, we find out for you.

No, the Re-Entry Visa is not available anymore.

For citizens of the European Union usually 1 year. However, depending on which country you come from, this may vary. Please note that if you leave Egypt for any reason, your visa will expire immediately. There is no longer a re-entry visa. So the next time you enter the country you have to enter again as a tourist (with the sticker in your passport) and apply for a new annual visa after 30 days.

Usually 30 days, but this can vary depending on your nationality. To be 100% sure, you should check with your responsible embassy.

Help us make this FAQ even more helpful. Ask your questions and comment diligently. If our team cannot answer your questions, we will pass them on to our specialists. We will also try to respond here as quickly as possible. We also want to keep these questions and answers as up to date as possible.

And something else very important: always remain objective and friendly. Unfriendly or rude comments will be deleted immediately and will not be released for publication. And of course these are not answered at all.

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