La Prestigia – Home-like warmth with mastered detailing



La Prestigia – Old Sheraton

La Prestigia – Old Sheraton is coziness shouldn’t be a hassle to seek, it’s even imperative to be gained effortlessly! That’s why we care and ensure to always seek out the best and possibly the finest details integrated within every possible aspect within our planning. A unit you can call home, yet having all the services at a less than a minute walking distance. A whole complex is beneath you to grant you the optimal experience. A warm unit is available for you to customize is however desired, it’s your home and you deserve to make it as you want. Yet we do our part by taking care of every small detail as we’re detail enthusiast , making sure we have both integrity and reliability.


It’s more than just home, it’s an entire glamorous experience. Need to go to the bank? Right beneath you, inviting your friends over? Restaurants are seconds away from you. Want to swim, sunbath and relax? Never could be easier as everything is around you as we care to give you the optimal most relaxing experience possible for both enjoyment and errands that needs to be ran. Space, design it’s all about integrity by integrity it means us giving you everything you need. Mixing the modern design, all available services to accommodate your comfort followed by availability of multiple cafes and restaurants, a bank, security team , pools on the terrace, and much more as your comfort as our goal, relying on the shared trust while gaining all possible benefits.

Home yet an investment. Giving alternatives with much possibilities is our itinerary as beside this unit being a true home for you. You can have it rent out for short term investments or a long term investment of a highly valued ROI. The optimal choice and the best that can be offered.

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