Egypt Summerland

The Green Smart City

Egypt Summerland – the eco-friendly and green smart city in Hurghada (Egypt). The concept is simple, but extremely challenging. So what are we going to do? Simply put: We are creating a city where people feel comfortable using the latest technology and protect the environment as much as possible.
As much as possible is produced in-house. Good examples include water, wastewater, energy, fruit and vegetables, meat and much more.
In this context, self-direction does not mean that we do everything, but that is why we need it. Be it as a buyer, as a dynamic entrepreneur or even as an investor. We offer excellent conditions.

So if you think you could contribute something to Egypt Summerland, then ask. It doesn’t cost anything except your precious time. Implementing your idea is our goal.

Villa with 200 sqm, 1700 sqm Land

50.000 €


The Smart Green City

Hurghada is becoming green and smart. We are building an environmentally friendly technology city on around 21 million square meters. The goal is to bring advantages to all areas of the city through digitalization: in administration, city traffic, the cityscape, in education, in the social area and in sustainability.

Egypt Summerland - the Green smart City.

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