Properties in Hurghada

Properties in Hurghada is a dime a dozen. We at Living Point Property don’t just want to offer anything, we have specialized in exclusive projects. That’s why we usually focus on our own projects and a few hand-picked third-party properties.

Here you will find apartments in Hurghada, which are offered exclusively by us and our authorized partners. In this way you can be sure that you will find very special objects with us.

Our first priority with Properties In Hurghada is not the price, but the exclusive. And exclusive means, for example, apartments by the sea, particularly luxurious or other important factors.

Egyptian Properties

Turtles Beach Resort – beachfront Apartments in Hurghada

We have the Turtles Beach in our program, which is particularly characterized by its own private beach. In addition, renting is also easy – and therefore it is of course also suitable for investors.

La Prestigia – In the center of the city

Next, a quick overview of La Prestigia. Some people are looking for apartments directly in the city. That’s what La Prestigia is for. In addition to many amenities, they have many other services and offers directly in the house. The restaurants, the pool and the shopping mall downstairs in the house are certainly worth mentioning at this point.

Egypt Summerland – the Green Smart City

Our offer is rounded off by the Egypt Summerland project. In doing so, we are creating an environmentally friendly, technologically driven Smart City on the Red Sea. For us, this means that everything that uses technology to benefit the environment and, above all, people is also desirable. Of course we are not selling lands only, but also Properties in Hurghada.

Our Future projects plans for Properties in Hurghada

We are also in the early planning phase for two further projects. Both Properties in Hurghada are located in the first row of the sea, i.e. directly on the beach. The first of these projects is planned for people who appreciate the fantastic water sports opportunities of the Red Sea. The second project is also located directly on the sea. The target group here are singles or couples who want to enjoy the relaxing tranquility combined with various leisure options in an “adults only” Resort.