Useful Information

    Buying a new home is a big deal for most of us, no matter where you plan to live. It is a big investment and of course it is in Egypt as well. A home is where you will relax, enjoy – and live! Your home should not only be practical in everyday life but also be the place you always long for.

    Great opportunities to influence

    Choosing a new development means great opportunities to be involved in influencing your future dream home. From the moment you have become curious about a housing project and registered your interest, the dialogue starts – and thus your opportunity to be involved and influence. What does your dream home look like? Which functions are important to you? We work to facilitate your journey from first interest to moving in. We believe in a combination of our experience in housing development and your wishes and ideas about how you want to live. Together with you, we develop your new home so that the biggest deal of your life will also be the best of your life.

    Many benefits in new developments

    Buying a newly produced home from Living Point Property gives you as a buyer many advantages. A fixed price, with a predictable housing cost and without the need for remodelling and renovations that can strain both the economy and conditions. You also get a home that is built according to the latest building regulations where requirements for building technology and energy savings give you a healthy indoor environment while it gives a lesser impact on the external environment. Quite simply a very wise choice!

    6 good reasons to choose a new development

    1. New developments is new – and yours – from the start

    It is impossible to ignore the fact that it is a very special feeling to move into a home where no one has lived before.

    2. Time and money for other things

    A common misconception is that you think that money will only fall apart when you buy new. But when you buy your home at a fixed price, and avoid unforeseen expenses, it actually becomes easier for you to plan your finances and get money for other things. If you also choose to live in a resort, you usually have all services you have in a hotel – and get plenty of time for more fun things, also in the future.

    3. Your home on your terms

    When we dream of our own home, we usually dream of just that. Your new home should look and feel like your home – no one else’s. Therefore, our homes get a neutral, stylish interior as a base, so you can go out and decorate your dream home just the way you want it. Vintage, classic, modern or maybe romantic? The choice is yours!

    4. Free from moving stress

    When you buy a new production, the time to move in is often around 1-2 years, which can feel like a long time. But there are many benefits – one of them is that you have plenty of time to plan the move from your existing home or your new holiday home. Even if it is the new home that is the goal, we absolutely think that you can sit back and enjoy the journey there as well.

    5. New attracts new

    A new home means more than just a nice roof over your head. The area plays at least as important a role when we choose where to live. And areas where new production is being built have great attractiveness, on several different levels. For example, it is more common for companies to open shops and other services and municipalities to build new, fresh playgrounds, schools and preschools in a newly produced area.

    6. Settler spirit and community

    We must also not forget that very special community that arises in an area where everyone moves in at the same time. It is you together who create the neighbourhood! Often, several of your neighbours are in similar stages of life. You have a lot in common and it often leads to new friends for both children and adults.