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To your attention * drum roll * the final stage of the Turtles Beach Resort project! EXCLUSIVE sale of apartments in Turtles Beach Resort from LIVING POINT PROPERTY. The building that everyone has been waiting for – D-d-d-d-d-e TWO is now open for purchase! What is the difference and why rush to buy an apartment there? – Everything is absolutely simple: Firstly, these are the most pleasant prices in the entire real estate market for apartments by the sea. Secondly, these are favorable conditions and payment options. Thirdly, this is a chic location of the building itself. And fourthly, this is a HUGE selection of apartments with different types, sizes, views and locations!


You probably wondered, what other advantages does this project have? Private beach. Pools. Jacuzzi. Restaurant-Bar. Playgrounds and-and-and… And of course, that’s not all, you can find out about this from our real estate consultants) This apartment option is suitable for two purposes: for investment and/or permanent residence. The choice is only yours … Combine these goals, live there yourself or make money on it)) Hurry up to find out all the exclusive details right now.


Apartments for sale in Turtles Beach Resort – Apartments right on the beach are already waiting for you!

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