Medora El Gouna

The Medora in El Gouna

... is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized investors, because investing in a hotel within a luxury resort like El Gouna is a sure-fire success.

Three hotels in one area

The Medora is one of 3 hotels in a small, manageable complex. The complex includes not only a Greek hotel, but also a Greek restaurant. A nightclub license and another supermarket license make Medora very special.

Perfect security

The El Gouna security team is already responsible for the safety of the guests. In addition, however, the Medora has its own security staff and sophisticated security technology such as cameras, access technology and much more.

Completion already in 2024

Completion is planned for mid-2024 and will be implemented accordingly.

Premium right from the start

El Gouna is a premium resort. Therefore, our prices of less than 3000 €uro / sqm are quite cheap in relation to our competitors. This means that on average we sell 20% below the usual price in this section.

An excellent investment

With the purchase you also sign that you give your investment to the rental. This lays the foundation for this money-making investment. Your proceeds are 65% of the rental income and the management only gets 35% for administration.

But that's still not all, because on top of that you or your loved ones can also use the hotel apartment yourself 14 days a year. There are a few exceptions here, mostly relating to Egyptian public holidays and vacations. Of course, the management needs all the apartments in order to achieve the best possible result for the investors.

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