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Mangroovy Residence

With 360m of shoreline, Mangroovy combines environment- conscious architecture with efficient indulgence. The exceptional scheme of the opulent 193,000 sqm beach community blends seamlessly with the landscape, and is situated only 120m away from the shore.

The Meaning Behind Mangroovy

Mangroovy gets its name from the mangrove tree – a plant that grows chiefly in tropical coastal regions, forming the backbone of that region’s ecosystem.
Known for its resilience and great importance, the mangrove thrives in harsh saltwater surroundings.The mangrove serves as a vital link in marine ecosystems, and works as a natural purifier for the water in its environment, maintaining its clarity and quality.

Just like the mangrove tree, Mangroovy grew its roots amongst striking aquatic surroundings.To us, Mangroovy is a grand tree of indulgence, superb facilities and innovative amenities –serving quality to a thriving community, in a lush seafront environment.

The Location in El Gouna

Mangroovy takes pride in being the only residential project built directly on the beach in El Gouna. Mangroovy’s coveted location places it away from all the noise and clutter, but still close enough to all of the important facilities one might need. Mangroovy works diligently at giving its occupants the best of all worlds.

With Abu Tig Marina to its south, Mangroovy’s strategic position is brief minutes away from all of the important El Gouna sites.

Resident Key Play

First Residence Development broke ground on Mangroovy on April 1st, 2016. Since then, First Residence Development has been hard at work to deliver its promise of a lavish and convenient residential community. Of El Gouna’s 10km of immaculate shoreline, only Mangroovy’s 360m of seafront is directly overlooking the Red Sea coast, making the Mangroovy project site truly prime real estate location.

Taking its cue from the surrounding nature, the rich Earth tones of the exteriors, and the stenciled twiggy borders of the balconies and windows, mesh flawlessly with the comforting, mountainous and cerulean backdrop.

With the founders being engineers, they are intimately familiar with, and very passionate about, each last detail of the project. Every aspect of Mangroovy is held up to the highest possible standard, with the driving force being perfection, and efficient opulence.

The project has been structured to maximize the impact of the natural beauty and serenity of El Gouna. Mangroovy truly is a luxury destination.

Resident Area

Mangroovy values your peace of mind and convenience.The spacious residential area provides you, and your guests, with easy access to the whole location.

The calm and beautiful neighborhood, created for an exclusive community, will make you cherish your moments there. Mangroovy has 705 luxury apartment and chic studios; 18 spacious, detail-oriented townhouses; as well as 16 majestic and modern villas. Taking into account Mangroovy – exclusive, stunning sea view all housing units were designed to capture the essence of the surrounding beach- front and mountainous landscape.

The outstanding architecture and extravagant modern finishes are complimented by magnificent pools with its cheerful cluster.

Mangroovy Beach

Situated right on the sea, Mangroovy is paradise on the Red Coast. With 40,000 sqm of pristine sandy beach, the ideal, year- round weather, captivating aquatic life, and azure water makes visitors never want to leave. If you are looking for sports and adventure then the open waters that are naturally protected from tides because of spectacular reefs make Mangroovy a superior location for all kinds of water sports.

If you are looking to relax alone, or lounge with friends, then you can hang out at our beach bar and enjoy a remarkable selection of food and beverages.Alternatively just sit back, enjoy the glorious weather and catch some sunrays. You will be spoilt for choice.


Embodying excellence in modern design. The Mangroovy architecture takes inspiration from the intricate and rich Islamic designs, fusing them with sleek and stylistic forms that are entirely fresh.

The resulting aesthetic creates a contemporary and unique style suited for anyone looking for a home that exudes warmth, without skimping on luxury living and modern convenience.


Mangroovy does not compromise on anything –least of all its residents’ convenience and quality of life.The meticulous design of all interiors provides the most luxuriant, comfortable and peaceful lifestyle to our community. All Mangroovy units are fully finished; we believe in luxury, but a luxury that includes function. With that in mind, all appliances and ACs used offer the greatest of beauty and extravagance, while serving
most efficiently.

We also have an outstanding quality of furniture to propose to our residents with exclusive prices. The second you turn the key, the clutter-free atmosphere of your residence will fill you with quiet, calm and regeneration.

Mangroovy Beach Bar

When magnificence and open spaces meet an exclusive and vibrant community.

Facilitites And Services

Whether you seek fitness, a relaxing swim, or even to celebrate your special day, Mangroovy has it all, and provides it with excellence.

Our advanced, cutting edge facilities exist to assure you a hassle-free time away from your busy life.

The friendly and efficient staff members are there to anticipate your every need.They will go out of their way to assure your stay is perfect.You will never want to leave.

  • Pools
  • Double Tree Hilton Hotel
  • Holistic SPA & Wellness Center
  • Beach Bar/Noi Restaurant
  • Sports Facilities
  • Beach Wedding

Payment Plans

Type Of Project
Community, Residence

Type Of Units
1, 2 and 3 bedrooms & Townhouses

Square Meters
65 m² – 282 m²

Prices From
3 667 950 EGP


Hurghada Airport – 46,6 km

Hurghada City – 31,6 km

Sahl Hasheesh – 54,5 km

Makadi Bay – 63,2 km

Sharm El Naga – 80,1 km

Marsa Alam – 314 km



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