Buying an apartment in Hurghada is a serious matter. But if you follow a few rules, it’s very easy. We at Living Point Property tell you what you should pay attention to.

You need to know the location and surroundings of the property where you will live.

Many tourists, when they fly to Egypt for the first time, think that all areas are the same and so wonderful. Sure, for the first time everyone stops at a hotel: usually in the city center or near the Senzo Mall, where everything is open to tourists.

But in reality this is not entirely true, because most areas are different from each other.

➣ District Dahar / Arabia – mainly the local population prevails, of course there are those who prefer this area, but this is a very small percentage of the Europeans who living in Hurghada.

Noisy, dirty, Egyptian establishments prevailMost shops are cheaper, easy to get to the city center.

➣ Downtown Sheraton / El Kawther – both Europeans and the local population already live here.

Noisy (mainly on Thursdays)All in close proximity (shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.)

➣ Future downtown Al Ahyaa – as in the center of the city, the local population and Europeans lives here, but there is slightly more Europeans than in the city center.

A lot of construction (at the moment), not close to the city center.Silence, privacy, a promising big future, close to El Gouna.

➣ District Magawish – both the local population and the Europeans live here, there are fewer of them than for example on the Sheraton, but a little more than in Dahar.

Few supermarkets, pharmacies, a lot of construction, not close to the city center.Silence, privacy, close to the Senzo Mall.

The easiest way to determine the choice of location (place) is to live 1-3 months in Hurghada. During this time, you will carefully explore the city and choose the most convenient option for you.

Choose an apartment type before buying a property

There are not many types of apartments, but it is better to understand them.
 Studio in Hurghada – A great option for rental, as well as for private use on vacation.

➣ 1 bedroom apartment in Hurghada – the best option for permanent residence, also a good option for rental

➣ 2-3 bedroom apartment in Hurghada – suitable for large families, guests, as well as for using the hobby room.

➣ Penthouse in Hurghada – A more luxurious apartment with a private roof terrace. There are also three options for penthouses: studio-penthouse, one-bedroom penthouse and two-bedroom penthouse. It all depends on your wishes.

➣ Twin-house in Hurghada – it can also be called “half villa” – suitable for large families and those who love privacy.

➣ Villa in Hurghada – A great option for a large family and those who like to have guests often, and to have their own personal space.

Choosing the right apartment by type is really important, but no longer difficult. Now that you have decided on these two points, then let’s move on to the most important.

Documents, documents and one more time documents !

Be sure to ask about the full package of documents when buying a property.

➣ Purchase and sale contract. After receiving it, it is advisable to certify the signatures in court, it lasts about 2-8 months. Signatures may not be certified – this is optional.

➣ Taukil – an irrevocable power of attorney. This document is important in that it gives the right to dispose and own the purchased property. This document cannot be canceled. And this document is also needed for registration of a green contract. Please, make sure that all the details are spelled out correctly and without any errors. Better for this to have a trusted lawyer.

➣ Green contract – a document stating that real estate and its current owner are in the unified state register of real estate in Egypt. It must be made by the developer on the ground and on the building. This guarantees the inviolability of property on the part of the state.

You can also apply for the green contract at any time after buying an apartment in Hurghada. This takes some time, but that doesn’t matter. You are then officially not allowed to sell this property for 5 years. This is intended to avoid speculation.

➣ Counters – Mandatory counters must be drawn up on the name of the buyer (you). In Egypt, there is a “rule” for whom the meters are drawn, the owner of the apartment. A renter can NOT switch the counter to his name.

And one more small thing – as a foreigner you can register in your name only two real estate objects that do not exceed the land size of four thousand square meters both.

Based on these rules, buying an apartment in Hurghada is really not as complicated as it would seem. You can always turn to our consultants who will help you in all matters and select the right property for you.