by Joachim Kipka


Here are a few tips in brief


At least three light sources on 20 square meters provide the perfect lighting. Three to five pillows as decoration are enough. Don’t put all the furniture against the wall: room dividers are your silver bullet. Small furniture in a small apartment.


The following colors are the ideal choice for the cozy living room:

  • White and beige are neutral colors and are great for painting walls...
  • Orange makes the cozy living room look young and trendy...
  • Gray is also considered a neutral color, but it is wonderfully versatile.


Fine home textiles such as tapestries, blankets and pillows ensure cosiness and comfort. Soft plaids made of natural fibers or fleece are suitable as throws for your sofa. Particularly classy: Ice-grey ceilings bring harmony to a colorful living room and give your apartment timeless elegance.

What definitely doesn’t belong in the living room

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a treadmill, the computer or correspondence: sports equipment and computers, but also personal correspondence, don’t belong in the living room. They often take up a lot of space and don’t exactly contribute to a cozy room atmosphere

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